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Although many blind and visually impaired individuals are independent. There may be occasions where sighted individuals are needed to help with reading complicated documents, assistance with shopping, organizing clothing, house chores, or getting a ride somewhere. These volunteers are people from the community; including you.

Blind Lives Matter Foundation is “volunteered – based”. There are NO PAID employees. We believe that society fails to provide for and protect the blind and disabled who are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. Blind Lives Matter Foundation is dedicated to give everyone hope through our organization and support.

We are currently looking for the following people to volunteer in anyone of the following categories:

Finance Committee – Meets once a month to find donations, grants and fundraising events

Web Designers – Meets once a month (as needed) to update the webpage

Social Media & Communications – Meets once a month

Blind Care Committee – Meets once a month to solicit donations (coffee, bottled water, hygiene items, snacks, etc) from individuals, stores and companies

Photographers – Meets once a month to provide photos.

Please complete the application below or feel free to send a email to

Volunteer Application

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