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Empowering the blind and visually impaired with the ability to have a better quality of life through education and community enrichment.

In light of developments in the outbreak of COVID-19, The Blind Lives Matter Foundation asks that the world does not leave the blind and disabled behind. As the outbreak has forced millions of people around the world to limit what and who they touch and stay in place for the time being. The Blind Lives Matter Foundation has been compelled to cancel crucial fundraising events. During this pandemic, the biggest challenge for the blind community is transportation, working and studying from home; shopping and even a recreational walk outside will not always be easy for blind persons because many companies and leaders haven’t put immediate thought into accessibility for disabled people.

The Blind Lives Matter Foundation has received an overwhelming demand for supplies. We are reaching out for help from the community so that we can meet the high demand for the blind and disabled that are impacted by this epidemic. All contributions are greatly appreciated.