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Our Founder

Floyd Armbrester has Continued Designing Fashion Despite Being Blind:

As a designer and most importantly, as a creative person, bay area native Floyd Armbrester is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing inspiration. Although Floyd has lost his sight due to a horrific incident that took place Memorial Day weekend of 2014 following a Concord Pavilion concert, he has gained more vision than a person with two good eyes.
Since that nightmarish weekend he has continued to have faith, and take flight to get closer to his dream, and making that dream happen of entering the fashion world.

No matter what anyone thinks, feels or believes regarding what he can do. Floyd Armbrester has always allowed himself to think, feel, and believe in himself. Enabling him to disrupt his comfort zone, to design and create his own fashion line ” YOUNG FLY & FLASHY FOREVER YOUNG (YFF)”.

With the help of his staff, and his elevated sense of touch allowing him to feel his creations and differentiate between materials. Floyd has captured the culture of his YFF Forever Young brand through a modern sensibility which makes it timeless.

Floyd has always been inspired by fashion, and a year before the incident that took place that claimed his sight. Floyd attended the international exhibition presented by UBM Fashion in Las Vegas of 2013, and decided to set out a goal for himself to not only gain critical acclaim on the fashion scene, but also present his fashions at the next UBM Fashion international exhibition.

Floyd has since expanded his clothing line featuring essentials for men, women, and children such as all black sheepskin leather jackets for the winter, letterman jackets, zipped hoodies, T-shirts, football jersey T-shirts, baseball tees, leather buckle back hats, and cute baby clothes. He has also launched other clothing lines including Foreign Exotics, souvenir shop State of Gold, and the non-profit organization Blind Lives Mater.

With many friends, family, and loved ones at his side that are his eyes, Floyd will continue to accomplish great things. His brand is nothing to sleep on.